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How to do an Interior Car Detail: Washing the Interior of the Car

Car Detailing Service Naperville IL

Car Detailing Service Naperville IL

A car is a big investment that needs to be protected. The same with maintaining the exterior of your car clean, it is also essential to keep its interior clean too as part of its preventive maintenance. If you are searching for auto detailing naperville il, the best company is Naperville Mobile Detail.

If your car’s interior is dirty, it may also smell bad if dirt continues to accumulate. Through interior car detailing, you will not have any problems with dirt and unpleasant odor. Naperville Mobile Detail provides professional car detailing services for interior and exterior auto detailing. If you are in Naperville, IL and you need an auto detailing company, Naperville Mobile Detail is the best option for service in the local area.

Here are the ways on how to do an interior car detail:


The first thing you need is a vacuum that has an extension hose and attachments. You can work from the top down to pick up the dislodged particles during cleaning. Use the upholstery nozzle of the vacuum on the seats, headliner, and other upholstered surfaces.

Remove floor mats so you can clean and vacuum them separately. Use a crevice tool to get into seat pockets, visors, and other tight areas. Use dusting brush to vacuum hard vinyl, plastic, and metal parts. Use floor brush when you vacuum the carpet.

Vacuuming is the most important part of our Naperville auto detail service. When we vacuum your car, it removes all of the contaminants in the carpet, and allows us to shampoo it back to great condition.

Car Detailing Naperville IL


Auto parts shops offer various cleaners for different surfaces of a car including upholstery, carpet, plastic, and leather. But it is no necessary to buy cleaners specific to cars because household cleaners will do. However, using the right product is important.

  • Carpet – You can clean the carpet with a steam cleaner. If it is not available, you can try using a general spray-on carpet cleaner. Avoid getting the carpet too wet to prevent mildew and damage to nearby electronic surfaces.
  • Cloth Upholstery – If you are using a steam cleaner, check if a machine attachment or upholstery shampoo is required. You can also use a general spray-on upholstery cleaner and work using a soft brush then dry it according to instructions.
  • Leather Trim – Here, use a saddle soap, leather cleaner, or mild leather soap, damp cloth, and then rub it gently on all leather surfaces. Remove excess soap with slightly damp, clean cloth and use cotton swabs in removing excess soap from leather seams.
  • Glass – Use a glass cleaner in washing the inside of your car’s windows. Spray the cleaner on the cloth directly to avoid it from streaking on the upholstery.
  • Hard Surfaces – A household all-purpose cleaner can be used to get remaining stains and dirt on hard surfaces like the dashboard, interior trim, and rubber door moldings. Simply spray the cleaner on a clean cloth and clean tight areas like panel seams, radio buttons, and air vents with dampened toothbrush, small paintbrush, or cotton swab. Also clean change drawer, safety-belt buckles, ashtray, and glove compartment.

Final Touches

Final touches include:

  • Conditioning – After cleaning, the leather surfaces of your car could be treated using a conditioner that is formulated for it. Try to find a product a non-greasy product.
  • Re-vacuuming – Second final touch is re-vacuuming to remove dislodged dirt from the cleaning.
  • Odor Removal – If there are still noticeable odors, you can further use odor removal products that are designed to remove smells out of your car.

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